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The Advantages of Having Holding Companies in Switzerland

From Zurich to Geneva to the Alps and back again, Switzerland is one of the true crown jewels of Europe. It is also one of the great financial engines of the world. There is a reason that “Swiss Bank Accounts” have become shorthand for large bank accounts kept overseas by the rich and powerful. If you are looking to set up shop in Europe, Switzerland is one of the best options for company formation.

It also has the added benefit of enjoying a unique international status, as it is not part of the EU, yet it shares close economic ties with it. This is likely to become all the more important for UK investors and companies in particular, given the tumult and uncertainty over Brexit at present. If you are looking for access to the Common Market without the hassle of being involved in the EU yourself, Switzerland might be the answer.

All of that is going to require the assistance of experts who know a thing or two about international finance in general and setting up and operating a Swiss holding company in particular.

The Legal Side

One of the most important factors to consider when dealing with a holding company in Switzerland is that aforementioned complex legal and diplomatic situation. Switzerland’s unique status with the EU comes at the cost of mountains of bureaucracy and laws to carefully regulate every last detail of that relationship. You will therefore need to make sure that you are in compliance with UK, Swiss, and, if you wish to trade with them, EU laws as well.

That’s a lot to handle for anyone, and it can leave you as a businessperson with little time left over to focus on your business. That’s why the best experts in setting up and operating Swiss holding companies are happy to take the lead on making sure that the legal side of things is squared away. They know how to navigate Swiss bureaucracy better than anyone, and they will work to cut through all that red tape as quickly as possible.

The Financial Side

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that any holdings you set up in Switzerland are solvent. Balancing the budget and maintaining the finance for any company can be quite difficult, let alone when that company is being set up in a different country from your own. That’s why the best holding company experts in Switzerland can likewise take the lead on the financial side of things, making sure that your new holdings remain solvent. They will review your financial situation and give advice as to how to best manage your overseas holdings.

Take your company onto the international stage, and do business in Switzerland with the best Swiss holding companies.



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