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5 Ways To Use Offline Marketing To Win Clients

Lots of business plans include ways to promote your business online using social media.  Although this is an important way to reach potential clients, offline marketing strategies should also be included in any business plan.  Most successful companies use a combination of online and offline marketing strategies.  Offline marketing is any type of promotion that is used outside of the internet and online marketing.  Using such marketing reaches a demographic of people that do not use the internet as well as those that do.  This means that the older generation that doesn’t use or have access to the internet can be included in your marketing strategy.  A lot of people remember something more if they have read it in paper form such as a leaflet that they can hold in their hands.  Here are 5 ways to use offline marketing to win clients.

  • Media sources such as radio, tv etc are always looking for interesting stories. You could contact these people and let them know why you started your business and how you can help people.  This is a great effective way to get the word out about your business and reach a lot of people at once.  Radioand television shows are always looking for free products they can give away in a competition to their listeners or watchers.  You could offer to donate such products in exchange for advertisements or publicity for your business.
  • Trade shows are a great way to reach new people and to advertise your business. Make sure when you attend such shows though you have lots of business cards and presentation folders.  You can also include unique packaging and branded merchandise so your audience when they go home will still remember your company.  Make sure your stand is unique as this will be the first impression on your potential clients and other businesses.  You want to really stand out.
  • Letterheads are a great way to introduce your business to a potential client. Make sure it looks professional and not too fussy.
  • According to Jamie from Leeds printers Leeds Printing Company “Drop business cards everywhere you go and ask friends and family to do the same too. Lots of coffee shops, libraries and such as have areas you can put your business card for free.”  Make sure you include all your relevant information on the business card including all of your social media links and your website.  This will ensure that the potential client can easily contact you.
  • Networking events are a great way to meet new business owners and to promote your own business. Again, make sure you take plenty of business cards to hand out.  Always be friendly and chat with others and see how each other’s businesses can help each other.  You can take branded merchandise here too such as pens etc and hand them out and you will be surprised at how many people use them after the event and remember you and get in touch in due course.

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